Structural Safety

 Structural Safety Sector

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We rethink structures to make them more responsive to evolving demands.
Over 8 years, we have continued to pioneer – whether for tall buildings or for distinctive creative designs, we maintained our reputation because we invest in attracting and developing the most inventive and experienced of structural engineers. They are proficient in connecting the demands of geometry, materials and loads.
Equally, we make sure that our structural engineers work closely with clients and collaborators and stay up to date with industry issues so that they can innovate in response to real-world challenges and constraints.
Rational responses
Our clients’ businesses put great demands on their buildings, whether it’s a factory, industry, high-rise apartments or hospitals. We respond by improving the structural performance of our designs in ways that meet clients’ goals. At BD Technology, we equally use building modeling to make any structure the best it can be. We also overlay the critical factors of cost and time to understand the implications of choices (form and materials, for instance) for project viability and sustainability.
Services and solutions we are currently offering:

⇒  Initial and detailed Structural Integrity Safety Assessment .

⇒  Structural Safety Assessment .

⇒  Structural Design and Drawing  Review.

⇒  Architectural Design  and Drawing Review.

⇒  Interior  Design  & Drawing.

⇒  Foundation ,Piling ,Drawing  and Assessment.

⇒  Retrofitting  Design and Implementation .

⇒  Structural and Architectural Drawing for New Building .