Our Services

Training we are currently offering:

⇒IRCA Accredited Lead Auditor Training Course on Management Systems:

⇒ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001, OHSAS: 18001, ISO 22001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001 & SA-8000 (Basic & Advance), Six Sigma, Lean Methodology etc.

⇒Training on Local Labour Law, Fire Safety, Health & Safety, First Aid, Electrical Safety,
Building Safety, Social Compliance, Risk Assesment etc.

To safeguard our communities, our businesses and the assets we value, expert fire engineering is key.
Safety Source Ltd . advanced approach to fire and safety engineering means that we rise to the challenges posed by all types of structures. Whether providing code consultancy, strategic advice, fire prevention through specialized fire safety design, construction supervision, inspection and risk assessment, or post-fire recovery, Fire hydrant, sprinkler system, Smoke detection, Fire control room, Electrical system improvement, Electrical Earthling system, our work is grounded in fire science etc.

These projects are undertaken to address specific safety challenges of your organization. Our aim is to successfully deliver to the owner the specified project safely, on time, at the contract price and achieve a reasonable performance level.
A responsive approach
Our fire experts draw on global experience, but they are also specialists in country-specific codes and planning standards for fire safety.Local insight equips us to deliver compliant, user-focused fire safety advice. Shared global best practice brings us recognition for the high levels of public safety. Our solutions meet the challenges of the many sectors we work in: from the precise requirements of facilities, industries, factories to the singular conditions of sustainable high-rises, the rigorous standards of airports and railways and sensitive refurbishments of heritage buildings Whatever the context, we tailor our response to match clients’ individual objectives – from strategies to manage their fire safety and protection risks and user-friendly management regimes, to construction compliance services that reduce program delays.

We promise to make the contractual relationship now and in the future possible, profitable and pleasant.
Services and solutions we are currently offering:

⇒ Design & Drawing of Fire Detection & Alarm System with Voltage Drop, Battery Calculation, Conduit Fill Calculation, Input Output Matrix As Per NFPA, BNBC Guideline as well as ACCORD, Alliance & ILO Requirements.

⇒ Supply & Installation of Fire Detection & Alarm System by Following NFPA-72 Standard.

⇒ Design & Drawing of Fire Protection (Hydrant & Sprinkler) System as per  NFPA, BNBC Guideline as well as ACCORD, Alliance & ILO Requirements.

⇒ Supply & Installation of Fire Protection (Hydrant & Sprinkler) System by Following NFPA Standard.

⇒ Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of UL/FM Certified Fire Door.

⇒Fire Equipments, Fire Extinguisher, Safety Shoes, Safety Helmet, etc.

⇒ Maintenance of all kinds of Fire Fighting issues.

Dependable engineering expertise.
We have the expertise and the passion that our clients need when they’re looking for technical solutions to help them meet their business objectives.
We partner with our clients and understand their goals, providing leadership and organization to produce designs that achieve their requirements in terms of function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety, and sustainability. Our project delivery systems benefit from best practices learned from our 8+ years of delivering successful projects of all sizes for clients throughout Bangladesh.
Consistently ranked as a top engineering design firm by experts, we are skilled at leading and executing highly successful, multidisciplinary projects. We use proven methods of coordination and collaboration with strict management of quality, value, schedule and cost. Our engineering and design services range from planning and permitting through preliminary and detailed design to start-up and commissioning for all types of projects. Our worldwide engineering and design expertise is unparalleled. 
Services and solutions we are currently offering:

⇒ Single Line Diagram Design & Drawing as per BNBC Guideline as well as ACCORD,  Alliance & ILO Requirements.
⇒ Electrical Floor Layout Plan Design & Drawing as per BNBC Guideline as well as ACCORD,  Alliance & ILO Requirements.
⇒ Machine Layout Plan Design & Drawing as per BNBC Guideline as well ACCORD,  Alliance & ILO Requirements.
⇒ Power Cable Insulation Resistance Test.
⇒ Thermo Graphic Scan Test.
⇒ Earth Pit Resistance Test.
⇒ Lightning Protection System Design, Drawing, Supply & Installation as per BNBC Guideline as well ACCORD, Alliance & ILO        Requirements.
⇒ Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of MDB, SDB, Power Cable, Domestic Cable, Cable Tray/Ladder/ Trench, Earth    Pit, MCB, MCCB, etc.
⇒ Maintenance of All Kinds Electrical Issues.


We rethink structures to make them more responsive to evolving demands.
Over 8 years, we have continued to pioneer – whether for tall buildings or for distinctive creative designs, we maintained our reputation because we invest in attracting and developing the most inventive and experienced of structural engineers. They are proficient in connecting the demands of geometry, materials and loads.
Equally, we make sure that our structural engineers work closely with clients and collaborators and stay up to date with industry issues so that they can innovate in response to real-world challenges and constraints.
Rational responses
Our clients’ businesses put great demands on their buildings, whether it’s a factory, industry, high-rise apartments or hospitals. We respond by improving the structural performance of our designs in ways that meet clients’ goals. At BD Technology, we equally use building modeling to make any structure the best it can be. We also overlay the critical factors of cost and time to understand the implications of choices (form and materials, for instance) for project viability and sustainability.
Services and solutions we are currently offering:

⇒  Initial and detailed Structural Integrity Safety Assessment .

⇒  Structural Safety Assessment .

⇒  Structural Design and Drawing  Review.

⇒  Architectural Design  and Drawing Review.

⇒  Interior  Design  & Drawing.

⇒  Foundation ,Piling ,Drawing  and Assessment.

⇒  Retrofitting  Design and Implementation .

⇒  Structural and Architectural Drawing for New Building .

Complete systems so your sure to find one that meets your needs. Inquire today to see which entertainment solution is right for you.

Safety Source provides high quality surveillance & access control products for the security industry. We are known for innovative and cost effective solutions across the market spectrum.

Safety Source specializes superior quality electronic Surveillance ( CCTV systems ) & Access Control and Door Entry products. Combining reliability and quality with engineering expertise and innovation our product portfolio has a functionality that is user friendly, effective and well developed in line with the demands of the market.

Services and solutions we are currently offering:

⇒ Supply & Installation of CCTV.
⇒ Supply & Installation of Access Control System.
⇒ Supply & Installation of Attendance Machine, HR & Payroll Software System.
⇒ Supply & Installation of PA (Public Address) System.
⇒ Supply Security Seal.
⇒ Maintenance of CCTV, HR & Payroll Software, Access Control System & PA system.



Safety Source is your reliable Partner for all kind of safety equipment in Bangladesh.

Use our Safety signs and posters in every part of your organization!

Together we can make a difference!!

Services and solutions we are currently offering:

⇒ Safety Sign.                                          
⇒ Emergency Sign.
⇒ Security Sign.
⇒ Risk Assessment.
⇒ Machine Operating Instructions.
⇒ Policy & Procedure.

⇒ Evacuation Plan.                                                  
⇒ Banner.
⇒ Festoon.
⇒ Poster.
⇒ Plastic ID Card.
⇒ ID card Cover & Lace etc.