Electronic Security CCTV Camera,Public Address, Software & Attendance System

Complete systems so your sure to find one that meets your needs. Inquire today to see which entertainment solution is right for you.

Safety Source provides high quality surveillance & access control products for the security industry. We are known for innovative and cost effective solutions across the market spectrum.

Safety Source specializes superior quality electronic Surveillance ( CCTV systems ) & Access Control and Door Entry products. Combining reliability and quality with engineering expertise and innovation our product portfolio has a functionality that is user friendly, effective and well developed in line with the demands of the market.

Services and solutions we are currently offering:

⇒ Supply & Installation of CCTV.
⇒ Supply & Installation of Access Control System.
⇒ Supply & Installation of Attendance Machine, HR & Payroll Software System.
⇒ Supply & Installation of PA (Public Address) System.
⇒ Supply Security Seal.
⇒ Maintenance of CCTV, HR & Payroll Software, Access Control System & PA system.